Why Choose Automation for Cross Browser Testing?

The frequently updating browsers and new versions of devices getting released so quickly have given a nightmare for QA teams, as they’re going through a hard time in developing compatible applications. Cross browser testing is the only reliable weapon for the QA teams to build high quality and compatible mobile and web applications. 

As we know today the website content is not confined to a few screen sizes and shapes, cross browser testing has become crucial to ensure that an application is immune to the dynamic screen sizes, updating browser and OS versions. 

So first let’s understand Cross browser testing and why it is important.

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What is Cross Browser Testing?

cross browser testing

Device fragmentation is one of the major challenges while developing applications. In simple words, device fragmentation occurs when a user using an older version of a browser experiences a web page crash while the other user with a new browser version can work seamlessly over the application. 

The above example proves that the application is incompatible with the older version of the browser. In order to ensure compatibility, an application has to be tested across multiple combinations like the device browser, device os, browser os, and their various versions. Isn’t that a huge number of test iterations? 

Hence cross browser testing is leveraged wherein, multiple browsers are tested in parallel. Tools like selenium web driver and selenium grid help in simultaneous testing of the multiple browsers together. Here cross browser testing is mandatory as it covers multiple device browser combinations and accelerates the speed of testing. 

Now as we have understood the significance of cross browser testing, let’s understand the significance of automation in cross browser testing 

Automation for Cross Browser Testing

Why Choose Automation for Cross Browser Testing? 1

Automation has reduced the time and effort put into cross-browser testing by 80%. The only human effort goes into writing the test scripts, the rest of everything is automated.

Considering the criticality of cross browser testing, the brands must invest in robust cross browser testing tools which can promise quality and speed. 99% cross browser test cases are automated to increase the speed of testing and increase the device coverage. 

Let’s overview the advantages of automating cross browser testing.

Run Multiple Tests Simultaneously 

Cross browser testing is one of the most redundant testing types. Regression testing takes a lot of time and effort, hence it’s important to automate it. 

Consider the scenario, if you have launched a new feature into the market, to test the existing features, the QA team will run all kinds of tests ( automated test cases) to check if the entire application features are working as intended. Hence automation testing is extremely important. 

Similarly, when a new browser or device is introduced in the market, cross browser test cases are run through the entire application to check if the application can work on the new browser and device version. Here automation testing plays a vital role in getting the results quickly. 

Improved Test Accuracy

With manual testing, we cannot guarantee accuracy considering human errors, while in automated testing the accuracy is achievable, and also we can record the reports. On the basis of the records generated, we can review the testing process and repeat it to get positive results. 

Improved Test Coverage

The time required to perform any web application testing depends on the type of functionality or a feature u have to test. For example, if you have to perform end-to-end testing, then manually performing it requires a lot of time. 

Also, cross browser testing which involves testing of multiple browsers and device combinations will take a lot of time if done manually. Hence automation testing increases the test coverage, by accelerating the speed of testing. Automation testing tools like selenium web driver and selenium grid provides running of test in parallel, increasing the 

Saves Time and Money

Manual testing for cross browser testing would take a lot of time and resources, unlike automation testing. On top of it cross browser testing is the most redundant type of testing and becomes boring and tiring at times. Whereas in automated cross browser testing, all you need to do is create proper test scripts to avoid the gray areas in app functioning. 

Wrapping Up 

Cross browser testing not only helps in eliminating the compatibility issues like device fragmentation but also improves the overall user experience. Hence cross browser testing cannot be avoided. 

But as we know that cross browser test cases are redundant and can cause great time and effort, it’s impossible to perform cross browser testing manually. On top of it the automation tools for cross browser testing enables testing multiple browsers simultaneously. 

Hence automation testing not only accelerates the speed of testing but also provides parallel testing to increase the speed of testing by multifolds! Also, automating cross browser testing helps in increasing the test coverage and accuracy with multiple benefits. 

Do check the blog above to understand the benefits of automating the cross browser testing in detail. Let us know your thoughts is the comment section below. 

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