Nimble 2

Nimble 3

World’s easiest way to build website

OnePager is the world’s super simple one page website builder, requires no extra time and labour like playing a game. The only requirement is your artistic taste having ease in mind.

Nimble 4

2 Home Page Variation


Nimble 5

Responsive Layout

Nimble adapts perfectly to all viewing devices in the market and offers a consistent experience across desktops, tablets and phones.

Nimble 6

Drag&Drop Site Builder

Nimble comes with built in drag and drop one page WordPress site builder which allows to build and customize whole structure and look of a website without touching a single line of code. All thanks goes to one and only OnePager.

Nimble 7

Absolutely no documentation required

Following documentation is the key but a laborious task to have quickly hands on the a full-fledge website setup. But Nimble is the trend setter doses’t require to read single line of documentation. Thanks to OnePager to be tightly integrated kicking in the unmatched possibilities of instant site setup and infinite customization.

Nimble 8

Pre Build Landing Pages


Nimble 9

Well Docorated Testimonial


Nimble 10

MailChimp Integrated


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