Responsive Layout

Egan adapts perfectly to all viewing devices in the market and offers a consistent experience across desktops, tablets and phones

Unlimited layout variation

Thanks to our NewsKit widget that allows you to change your news presentation from a single click. NewsKit has Static and Dynamic layout that perfectly works with every theme.

Spacious Advertising Area

With Egan, you can earn expected revenue adding custom add or Google Adsense, Egan comes with spacious advertising area, to help you to do more business.

Multiple Preset Styles

Presets color allow you to change your theme style with a single click. Egan comes with 6 awesome preset styles.


Instant settings switcher, Customizer

If you don’t know how to code for any styling changes in Egan, don’t worry, it’s matter of a couple of clicks. About every essential settings handles, you may want to change in future, we bottled them in Egan’s Customizer.

Astonishing MegaMenu

Mega menu is the great site component to present site element ineffably. Mega menu keep users away from distraction, and lead them to right direction giving right content, they are looking for. Thank to Egan, giving entire opportunity altogather.


Celestial Author Indroduction

Every news wants your attention so does its writes, to make writers’ identity astonishing. We implemented a well-research UX, so that readers can easily get themselves communicate with writers.

Built With Cutting-edge Technology

Modern technologies offer a wide range of advantages. Egan news WordPress theme is built with WordPress 4.x, Bootstrap, HTML5 and NewsKit.



Created At : July 15, 2017
High Resolution
Widget Ready
Well Documented


  • Responsive Layout
  • Unlimited layout variation
  • Spacious Advertising Area
  • Multiple Preset Styles
  • Instant settings switcher
  • Astonishing MegaMenu
  • Celestial Author Indroduction
  • Shortcode Included
  • Social Share Enabled
  • Social Profile Enable
  • Author Social Profile Enable
  • Popular Post Widget

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Egan Only $59

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