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Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS: In-Detailed Comparison

In a fast-paced world, education is not limited to only schools, colleges, or universities anymore, people can also educate themselves over the internet. This system recently increased in huge numbers due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can create your own education site for people to gain knowledge from very easily, with the help of WordPress LMS Plugin without any prior knowledge about it. LMS or Learning Management System is a way you can create an educational site and sell courses from which your students can learn. 

As part of our series comparison of the best WordPress LMS plugin, we have already shown you an in-depth comparison between LearnDash vs Tutor LMS and LifterLMS vs LearnDash. In this blog, we will show you a hands-on comparison between Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS. If you miss the previous one, please read the excellent post from the link below.

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Here, we will take you to the depth of the two most top-rated WordPress LMS Plugins and also provide a detailed comparison. We will be comparing their features to their pricing along with our thoughts at the very end. 

Quick glance at the main feature comparison of Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS.

FeaturesTutor LMSLifterLMS
Free Version✔️✔️
Course Review✔️✔️
Offline Learning✔️
Bulk Sales✔️
Award Badges✔️
Award Certificate✔️✔️
Trial Availability✔️
Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)✔️
Data Export and Import✔️✔️
Video Courses✔️✔️
Class Management✔️
Multiple User✔️✔️
Student Registration✔️✔️
Auto enrolls after payment.✔️✔️
Unlimited Courses✔️
Course Prerequisites✔️✔️
Multiple Instructors✔️✔️
Course Attachments✔️✔️
Student Forum✔️✔️
Course Preview✔️✔️
Multimedia Contents✔️✔️
Advanced Quizzing✔️✔️
Quiz Grading Method✔️✔️
Quiz Timers✔️✔️
Quiz Time Expiration Prompts✔️
Money Management✔️
Multisite Enables✔️✔️
Multiple Payment Gateway✔️✔️
Employee Training✔️
Free Courses✔️✔️
Course One-Time Purchase✔️✔️
Course Lifetime Access✔️✔️
Gutenberg Compatible✔️✔️
Device Friendly✔️✔️
Showcase Course Rating✔️✔️
Course Bookmark✔️✔️
Course Price Tag✔️✔️
Display Course Level✔️

What is Tutor LMS?

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS Plugin that entered the industry very recently. After its launch in 2019, it has been used and picked by a lot of universities and brands regardless of it being a rookie. The features of Tutor LMS are very friendly and futuristic that people can find its functions and understand it with ease.

Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS: In-Detailed Comparison 1

One of the major features that attracted most people to Tutor LMS is its Drag & Drop online course builder along with more than 10 question types. Add-ons such as multiple instructors, reports, assignments, prerequisites, etc. are also available in a feature abundant plugin, Tutor LMS.

Important Features of Tutor LMS

  • Gripping Course Builder of Tutor LMS:

Before creating any course make sure that you already have a few Instructors registered to your site so that you can easily assign them to any course while creating one in Tutor LMS.

Building a course is one of the easiest tasks as the Tutor LMS Course Builder is as easy as it gets. It has a very easy-to-understand Drag & Drop feature that helps you to build a course very efficiently while having fun. You can add a new topic with just a single button where you can also give its name and summary. After all the necessary steps you can start adding lessons and quizzes to those topics.

In Tutor LMS you can have multiple topics and those topics can have multiple lessons and quizzes, all in a single course. Sometimes a load of quizzes and lessons inside a single topic can be frustrating, that is why we would recommend 2-5 lessons and 1 quiz for maximum effectiveness.

Tutor LMS also allows you to add a Course Intro Video for the betterment of your students. Through that video, a student should be able to understand what the course offers and get a complete overview of the course.

  • Advanced Quizzes:

A quiz is most likely the only way to know how much the students have grasped your lessons, and it also scares the students to an extent. With Tutor LMS you can create both amazing and interesting quizzes that your students will love. 

Quiz options such as, Yes or No, Single Choice, Ordering, Image Answering, etc. can keep both your quizzes and course interesting. These unique quiz options of Tutor LMS will be able to bring more interest to your students and keep them more engaged in your course.

  • Payment Integration:

Tutor LMS gives a bunch of choices everywhere for your comfort. This WordPress LMS Plugin has teamed up with almost all the big names so that your students can pay you with ease. WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), etc. are available in Tutor LMS to bring a seamless eCommerce Experience.

With Tutor LMS you can create any type of monetization plan using their best payment integrations. If you want you can also add shopping carts, one-time purchases, lifetime accesses, subscription models, and many more to your courses.

Users of Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is designed for ease and comfort for anyone who wants to create an educational or training website. Being new in the industry this WordPress LMS Plugin has been picked up by some biggest and best e-learning platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, and so on. This plugin is also being used by some educational institutes and it’s constantly increasing day by day.

Pricing of Tutor LMS

Single License: $149, for Lifetime $399

5 License Pack: $199, for Lifetime $599

Unlimited Licenses: $299, for Lifetime $999

What is LifterLMS?

Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS: In-Detailed Comparison 2

LifterLMS is a WordPress LMS Plugins designed to provide the best LMS service to your clients. This plugin can work with any existing WordPress theme or if you like any theme then it is very easy to build a new one. The things that set LifterLMS apart from the rest of the WordPress LMS Plugins are its many key features, which will make your Learning management system not only modern looking but also easier for you to handle.

Best Features of LifterLMS.

  • LifterLMS Course Builder:  

LifterLMS Online Course Builder Dashboard brings simplicity and perfection in one place. Within a single dashboard, you can easily create, edit and delete courses and it’s sectioned very easily without any prior knowledge.

It doesn’t end here, on the right side a slider window should appear where you can freely configure everything about the course. Which makes it even more convenient, as you won’t have to leave the dashboard.

Lesson access, membership, course prerequisites, and whether you want to set this course up to a drip, and many more will be available there for you to work with. At the very end make sure to save your changes otherwise you might have to do some considerable extra work.

  • Lesson Settings:

Setting lessons in LifterLMS is even easier to grasp than the course builder. The lesson-level settings inherit the value of the setting of their parents just like course-level settings do. This means you will have to spend less time on it and can be built very easily within a few minutes. 

In the lesson setting of LifterLMS, you will be able to find three more options other than course settings. You can set it as “Course Setting” which will automatically use the course’s setting or “Global Settings” which will simply use the global settings. All these options will be at your disposal all the time and are only one click away. 

The other two options are “Enabled” and “Disabled” which will explicitly overwrite the parent setting for that particular lesson.

  • Advanced Quizzes:

With the help of advanced quizzes of LifterLMS, you will be able to build very interactive and immense quizzes for your students. There is a wide range of different varieties or quizzes that will keep you students excited and looking forward to the next one. 

Multiple choice, image choice, freeform answers, short answers are the few names within a wide range of quiz options. These wide ranges of quizzes allow students to fully gauge their own understanding of the course material.

The quiz builder of LifterLMS is also quick and straight-forward. All the things that you will ever need to take a full-fledged quiz for your students are at your disposal. Things like passing grade, number of students who can attend the quiz, time limit, and many more are only a single click away.

  • LifterLMS Affiliation:

Affiliation is a great way for you to expand your course or membership sales. LifterLMS integrates with two third-party affiliation software, which is AffiliateWP and iDevAffiliate.

AffiliateWP is a very easy-to-use software and a reliable WordPress plugin with a lot of useful marketing tools. AffiliateWP keeps record referrals and tracks commissions via LifterLMS courses and Membership sales.

iDevAffiliate is another user-friendly software with a built-in front-end template, which will easily integrate into your website, and all of these will just take a few minutes to install. iDevAffiliate offers a lot of features, such as multiple commissioning options, direct Facebook or Twitter marketing, and many more in 30 different languages.

  • Payment Integration:

Payment is rather important in these plugins as you will be selling your online courses to unknown people all over the world. LifterLMS features various payment gateways for you to use. PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and many more are there, so won’t have to work with one but many options.

Every one of these gateways can be used very swiftly just by installing its extension, which might not take more than a few minutes. LifterLMS is actively working to bring more payment gateways for the betterment and will soon be released for your disposal.

Other than these branded gateways, a manual payment gateway is also a considerably good option as it is included in the LifterLMS Core. By this manual gateway, you can define a custom process for your students for accepting payments for your courses and memberships.

Recurring payments can also be handled by the Manual Payment gateway. When the payment is due the order will be switched to “On-Hold” and the Payment Due notifications will be shown and sent to the student.

After the payment is recorded successfully the student will be re-enrolled automatically and the order will be switched to ”Active” until the next due date of the payment.

Users of LifterLMS

LifterLMS are one of the powerful and best WordPress LMS Plugins along with some others. Big companies and universities always prefer powerful plugins for their own learning platform which gives them a huge amount of flexibility.

LifterLMS has been picked up by a lot of big companies and universities. Tiny Chefs are one of those brands that picked LifterLMS as their basis for teaching children the fun of cooking. On the other hand, companies like Health Care Transformation have taken health care to the next level with the help of this plugin.

Pricing of LifterLMS

Individual Add-Ons: $99+ per year, includes 1 Active Site.

Universal Bundle (Most Popular): $299 per year, includes 5 Active Sites.

Infinity Bundle: $999 per year, includes Unlimited Active Sites.

LifterLMS vs Tutor LMS: In-Depth Comparison!

Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS

Online Course Builder

FeaturesTutor LMSLifterLMS
Unlimited Course and Lesson✔️✔️
Video Lesson✔️✔️
Multiple Video Sources✔️✔️
Lesson Management✔️✔️
Course Prerequisites✔️✔️
Course Attachments✔️✔️
Course Preview✔️✔️
Multimedia Contents✔️✔️
Course One-Time Purchase✔️✔️
Course Lifetime Access✔️✔️
Course Analytics✔️✔️
Content Security✔️✔️
Course Review✔️✔️

The most important and most used feature of any WordPress LMS Plugin is the online course builder, which brings us to the biggest comparison of LifterLMS vs Tutor LMS. Tutor LMS course builder brings one of a kind Drag & Drop course builder feature that brings both fun and comfort to the game. While, LifterLMS course builder offers a one-page builder where you can edit, create and delete any course at your own will.

Advanced Quiz System

FeaturesTutor LMSLifterLMS
Image Matching✔️
Image Answering✔️
Short Answer✔️✔️
True or False✔️✔️
Single Choice✔️
Multiple Choice✔️✔️
Fill in the Blanks✔️✔️
Free Choice
Picture Choice✔️
Long Answer✔️
File Upload✔️

In the case of advanced quizzes, none of these plugins are pulling their punches. While Tutor LMS offers unique advanced quiz types such as Yes or No, Ordering, Image Answering, and many more, LifterLMS provides interesting quizzes like freeform answers, image choice, etc. All of these quizzes can surely keep you excited and not hate quizzes for sure.

Payment Integration

FeaturesTutor LMSLifterLMS
Paid Memberships Pro✔️
Easy Digital Downloads✔️

Payment integration is also the most important part of these WordPress LMS Plugins, as you will be receiving money through those services. As we are comparing, LifterLMS certainly gives you more advantages as it gives you much more choices than Tutor LMS. 

Tutor LMS gives you WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download (EDD) integration and also others. If you are comfortable with EDD then it’s going to be the best thing for you as LifterLMS does not have it.

LifterLMS puts forward advanced and more recognizable payment services like PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and many more for you to choose from and use what you are comfortable with. PayPal is often used by many people and they are also comfortable using it as it is very secure and fast.

Pricing, The Best Value for Money

FeaturesTutor LMSAnnualTutor LMSLifetimeLifterLMS
Free Version✔️✔️✔️
Price of Low-Cost Package$149 (Single License)$399 (Single License)$99+ (Individual Add-Ons)
Price of most Popular Package$199 (5 License Pack)$599 (5 License Pack)$299 (Universe Bundle)
Price of most Expensive Package$299 (Unlimited License)$999 (Unlimited License)$999 (Infinity Bundle)

Regarding the pricing of these plugins, it is surely a very tough fight as both of these plugins offer free versions. But, if you want to spend your money and make your website truly mind-blowing then it would be a good decision to get Tutor LMS as it has lifetime packages where you only have to pay once and never again. 

On the other hand, if you have a certain budget and also want an astonishing website you can get LifterLMS as it is the cheapest one with an abundance of stuff in its packages which is definitely worth your money.

Pros and Cons of Tutor LMS and LifterLMS with Ratings.

Tutor LMS is rated 4.7 out of 5 with a rating of 4.7 as the Ease of Use. The Customer Service rating of Tutor LMS stands at 4.7 out of 5.

“At first I was worried that it would be really complex like other plugins. But then I got it going and it’s really easy to set up. Basically it just flows when you are building and drag and drop helps out a lot. You can build a simple or complex learning management system with free or paid capabilities.”“Would like the option to have templates to choose a different style.”
“We used the free open source edition and we were impressed about the easiness of integration with WordPress and ability to edit the source code to fit our need, in short: 1- Ease of integration. 2- Flexibility to be edited. 3- Free.”“1- Lacks some of the major LMS features such as Evaluations, certifications, etc. (It’s found in the paid edition of course) 2- No support for the free edition, but the open source community is more than enough for us.”
“This software has good advantages points but most of it for me as a developer is easy to develop, unlike other lms; tutor has cool documentation help me with edit classes , controllers and customize view , the ease to develop open the door to dozen function to be add as i have the great built in functions, that make me said that tutor lms is a greate lms to start with , if you have the right developer you can do anything with it.”“Tutor lms has major disadvantages. I believe they did not consider appearance when they build lms. I mean what a bad look student dashboard has, they even forget to have breadcrumbs which cost me nothing to add but that affect the overall image of lms.”

LifterLMS is rated 4.9 out of 5 with a rating of 4.6 as the Ease of Use. LifterLMS also holds a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 in Customer Service.

“The software is solid and very powerful. But what I want to focus on is the community.”“Some of the Settings were in different navigation nodes making it a little confusing at first as to where to change things.”
“The weekly mastermind call gives me the opportunity to learn about other tools or techniques that make my product better.”“I think there is a risk in being too all-in-one because then the complexity goes up substantially.”
“As a new business, we prefer flexibility and adaptability, and thus Lifter is the best choice.”“Hard to find the difference between plans or access plans or subscriptions or enrollments (maybe it is because my english is too poor…).”

Conclusion of Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS: Which one to choose and Why?

Tutor LMS vs LifterLMS comparison was definitely not the easiest. Both of them are the best and world-class WordPress LMS Plugins, so won’t be making a horrible decision either way.

For starters, choose a plugin you feel more comfortable with and whose features you need most. After you can try out the free versions which are offered by both of these plugins and see if it really is the best for you. 

Both of these plugins are being actively upgraded as the days pass, but LifterLMS is quite older than Tutor LMS and without any doubt has more features, whereas Tutor LMS has a more futuristic look with some very unique features.

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