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Looking for the Best Tutor LMS Theme

Tutorque is the most lightweight, fast and accessible WordPress theme extensively integrates with Tutor LMS out of the box! Use it for 👇

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Create, Manage and Sell Online Courses

Tutorque is a powerful LMS WordPress theme made with a full-featured eLearning marketplace in mind. You can easily create, manage, and sell your full-fledged online courses with videos, attachments, additional data, and many more.

Pre-built Websites

Elegant homepage layouts Including: Tutor University, Tutor Online Course and Tutor Coach. Customize and change the content & you are done.

Valuable comments from people Currently using Tutorque

Tutorque Is The Only WordPress Theme You'll Need For An Educational Website

It’s not just a theme; it’s a complete solution for your next education website with limitless functionalities and learning management solution (LMS) for selling online courses

Course Quizzes, Lessons, and Questions

Easily conduct quizzes with selected question pattern, set time limits for answering, get automated quiz result with the rich quiz option of Tutor WordPress LMS plugin. Also, define the course lessons section or order wise, and many more.

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Distinct Teacher's Profile

Combine all the teacher's information all at one place in a beautiful artistic way. From a short intro, show a teacher acquired degree, educational qualification, experience with their social profile link with contact information with the separate Teacher page.

Advanced Course Details

Present interactive courses with the course detail page including course descriptions, course content, course navigation and course materials. Also, build courses, with lessons, topics, quizzes, and necessary details with the WordPress LMS theme.

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Student Dashboard

Let the student manage their own dashboard by logging in with the front end student dashboard option of the WordPress LMS theme. Students can manage their prerequisites courses, see the completed course, their acquired certificate, and points.

Course Certificate

Offer numerous interactive paid or free courses and reward your students with course completion certificates after successful completion. With the Tutor certificate option, easily change the page design features, add title and certificate design.

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Content Access for Free & Paid User

Set access for a precise course or all at a once for both free and paid users. Not every course is accessible for everyone; however; only the free courses are open for all. Paid courses will be available after successful payment.

PayPal and WooCommerce Integration

Sell your full-fledged paid online course with the WooCommerce integration and get the payment directly through Paypal. Show your available paid courses with featured image, description, and price tag and sell them with PayPal.

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Valuable comments from people Currently using Tutorque

I have been using this theme for past couple of months, developed my institution website. I liked your theme from every aspect, specially the integration of Learnpress LMS that helps me to manage better. You guys have an awesome support team, I really appreciate your support. Thank you very much for creating this theme.
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Douna Mikail

Frequently Asked Question

You can build any website for e-Learning and educational institutes like online school, college, university, trainning center and many more. With limitless functionalities and online selling options it’s a complete LMS solution.

Unfortunately no!  You will be notify just before the subscription expiration to renew your license. 

Why not? It’s not just a theme; it’s a complete LMS solution for e-learning and educational websites with limitless functionalities and online selling options. 

Yes, we offer custom development services on demand. If you are interested to do so then give us a knock.  

No! The theme doesn’t come with the pro version of Tutor rather, you have to purchase the pro plan on your own.

Yes. Our theme is fully compatible with Tutor LMS however, you need to purchase Tutor LMS separately to use it. 

Yes. Tutorque contains both document and video are available for courses.

Yes. There is a dashboard for student. 

Yes. You can provide certificate to the students through this theme. 

Yes you can upgrade your licenses. To upgrade a license, log into your account and look for view upgrade option from the product purchase record. 

No. Your website will remain intact even if you choose not to renew your license. You just won’t get updates and support from us.

Tutorque is the best WordPress education Theme

It’s not just a theme; it’s a complete solution for your next education website with limitless functionalities and learning management solution (LMS) for selling online courses

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