Drag & Drop Onepage, Under Construction Page and Landing Page Builder for WordPress

The most easiest and beginner friendly WordPress landing page builder and onepage builder plugin to help you make website better and faster.

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Create All of These & More...

Now you can create almost any kind of pages for your business inside WordPress

  • Business Landing Page
  • Under Construction Page
  • Maintenance Page
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Services Landing Page
  • Product Landing Page
  • App Landing Page
  • Event Landing Page
  • Book Launch Page
  • Résumé Landing Page
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Designed With You In Mind

WPOnepager is the easiest yet powerful WordPress page builder plugin. We made it impossible to create an ugly looking landing page. Simple 4 step process…

01. Install WPOnepager

Install from WP repo or upload the zip file, its just one click process.

02. Select Block

Select from 100+ pre-designed premium templates and blocks.

WordPress landing page builder

03. Update Content

Input your content and your beautiful looking website is ready.

04. Publish Website

Hit the publish button and let the world see your beautiful website.

I’m very satisfied with this plugin after trying several onepage themes. They were all much to complicated. This plugin fits my needs perfectly! Thank you.

Finally, a WordPress Landing Page Builder Plugin that's Easy and Powerful

WPOnepager is the easiest WordPress landing page builder plugin ever created. Here are the features that makes WPOnepager the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress onepage builder in the market.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Insert any block within one click. This is the most fastest way to add blocks in your page. Drag & Drop to right place is a tedious process.

SEO Friendly

Your site built with WPOnepager is entirely SEO friendly, it will be easier for Google to rank your site.

Responsive Mobile Friendly

No matter which sized device your users use, your site will look always perfect which is built with WPOnepager plugin.

No Coding Required

You do not need to write a single line of code, cause everything is already coded with latest web standard.

Create Impressive Animated Websites in Minutes, Not Hours

Lucrative animations are ready, all you have to do is insert and make your site. Don’t worry it will only take some minutes. 

landing page builder templates - WPOnepager
WP Onepager 3

Animation Effect

Mesmerizing animation effects that will force your users to get attracted.

WP Onepager 4

Slide To Scroll

Give a different angle to your users to view your website built with WPOnepager.

WP Onepager 5

Beautiful Typograpy

Typography of every block has been selected carefully so you feel comfort while reading.

Coming Soon Page

Create Under Construction & Coming Soon Page In 1 Minutes

You don’t need to think and design pages like construction or coming soon, leave that worry to wponepager. It will take only a minute to create whole page. 

I was looking for page builder for my theme and all the “favorite” builders have some issues, but this works like a charm and it looks beautiful! Good work!

Fullscreen Website

Create Beautiful Fullscreen Website Designs With Smooth Motion Slide

Blend beautify with artistic designs and create magnificent full-screen websites all by yourself, without compromising the performance.

Choose From a Huge Library of Over 100+ Templates & Blocks

Start with proven templates engineered to get more visitors to join your email list, sign up for your event, or buy your products. Surprise your visitor with stunning slide like animated page and much more…

Choose your plan

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Unlimited Sites

normally $399
$ 199 Per Year
  • 50+ All Premium Templates
  • 100+ Premium Blocks
  • Full Screen Blocks
  • All Coming Soon Blocks
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • Unlimited sites
  • All core features included


normally $199
$ 99 Per Year
  • 50+ All Premium Templates
  • 100+ Premium Blocks
  • Full Screen Blocks
  • All Coming Soon Blocks
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 5 Sites
  • All core features included


normally $78
$ 39 Per Year
  • 50+ All Premium Templates
  • 100+ Premium Blocks
  • Full Screen Blocks
  • All Coming Soon Blocks
  • Plugin updates *
  • Email support *
  • 1 Site
  • All core features included

* Plugin updates and email support are provided for the duration of your current subscription.

All Packages Include

All packages include 1 year of support & updates
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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk-Free – use WPOnepager for 7 days and if you’re not happy, simply let our friendly team know and they’ll be happy to refund you in full.

WP Onepager 8

Create unlimited pages with WPOnepager

We do not limit how many landing pages, sales pages or other marketing pages you can create on each site you license with WPOnepager.

WP Onepager 9

Support from our friendly team

Our support team are on hand via email and chat to help you with any issues you have getting up and running with WPOnepager


Your Website is safe with our regularly updated products. 

New Features

  • New: Typography settings in page setting panel.

Previously page settings have been introduced and this time we have brought typography settings. So that you can change the typography of your section globally.

WP Onepager 10
  • New: 7 New blocks in Feature Category.

These new blocks are designed for your book site. Use these blocks and get everything done quicker.

  • New: 1 New block in Slider Category.

Highlight your book with the slider block. Book lovers will love this section, as this highlights different parts of the book.

WP Onepager 11
  • New: 1 New Block in Footer Category.

A simple footer block showing name of the book and social sharing options.

WP Onepager 12
  • New: Book Landing Page Layout.

Now publish your book and highlight it on the website with help of Book landing page layout.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fix: PHP Engine variable issue

In the time of block insertion it would give some error messages. This issue was coming from PHP engine variable. Now its fixed. 

  • Update: JSON updated for several layouts.

Previously there wasn’t any heading tag in Layouts json file. Therefore changing the page template style would break. In this version this issue is fixed.

New Features

No new features are introduced in this version. 

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fix: FullPage screen option for page specific settings panel.

Previously enabling “Full page” option would make, every page in your directory go full page. That was a big problem. Now, in this version this issue is fixed. From now on only the specified pages will go full screen.

  • Fix: Fix the variable checking issue for pro and fire hook for onepager pro blocks

Variable checking issue is related to php engine and it has some dependable fields. And on pro blocks there was hook firing issue. Now in WPOnepager pro 1.1.6 both of this problems are solved.

  • Fix: Remove double quotation at the end of the div class.

Earlier there was double quotation at the end of the div class. This use to create problems and now the double quotation has been removed.

  • Fix: PHP shorthand issue.

In PHP, anyone can echo in two ways. One way is standard and granted universally. Another one is by writing “=”. This shorthand echoing doesn’t work in many servers. Therefore we have removed it.

  • Fix: Remove fullpage screen option for all page.

For Fullpage screen option a script was automatically been added with all page. We have patched it. Now no such script is automatically added.

  • Fix: JSON updated for all layout pack.

Eaerlier json files were missing heading tags. Thererfor they were breaking while changing template styles. In this update this issue is fixed.

New Features

  • New: Page setting panel for each individual page.


Adjust the size of all of your block’s title and subtitle size from one page with Page setting for every individual Page. More cool properties like typography setting, color setting, spacing setting and many more coming soon.

WP Onepager 13
  • New: Education Layout.

With the brand new education layout, create your own education site’s homepage within minutes instead of hours.

New Features

  • New: 5 elegant blocks added in the Features category.

Check out these 5 new feature blocks for your education site. Use these blocks to make your education sites feature sections easily and instantly.

  • New: 1 new block added in the Navbar category.

Apply different look on your navigation menu with this navbar block.

WP Onepager 14
  • New: 1 new block added in the Footer category.

    A new footer block added with the year info.

WP Onepager 15
  • New: 2 new blocks in the slider category.

    Two new sliders block added. Attract visitors easily with the help of these slider blocks.

  • New: 1 new block in the blog category.

    A fresh design to show your blog in an outstanding way.

WP Onepager 16

New Features

  • New: 1 new block added in the Blog category.

With the new block for the blog category, you will be able to showcase your blogs in a different way.

WP Onepager 17
  • New: 1 new block added in the Contact category.

The contact block is now more organized with the form shortcode inside.

WP Onepager 18

New Features

  • New: 6 elegant blocks added in the Features category.

Onepager 2.2.9 brings six new features blocks for the lawsuit, use these sections to make your law site easily. 

  • New: 1 new block added in the Navbar category.

A brand new navbar added, to provide a different look on your navigation menu.

WP Onepager 19
  • New: 1 new block added in the Footer category.

    A new footer block added that works as contact us block too.

WP Onepager 20

New Features

  • New: Introduced brand new global setting.

A new setting has been introduced, where a change will effect everywhere. We call it global setting.

WP Onepager 21
  • New: Introduced dedicated block menu in the dashboard.

Now anyone can preview blocks from the dedicated blocks menu in the dashboard.

WP Onepager 22

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved: Show Update notification in the sidebar.

Now anyone can preview blocks from the dedicated blocks menu in the dashboard.

  • Improved: New exit to dashboard option.

No need to exit the dashboard with many clicks, do it with a single click from the left corner of the builder page.

WP Onepager 23
  • New Features

    • Show update notification in Onepager dashboard.
    From now on, never miss an update of Onepager as update notification will float on the top of the Onepager dashboard. Then you can easily update to the latest version
    WP Onepager 24

    Improvements & Bug Fixes

    • Fix – Continuous plugin update notification.
    Previously after updating the Onepager, the notification used to still hang on the top of the dashboard. From now on this won’t happen again. Fix – Continuous plugin update notification.

    • Fix – License notification notice style in dashboard (valid & invalid).
    License notification will not brake from now on. It will be shown perfectly, it doesn’t matter whether the license is valid or invalid..
    WP Onepager 25

New Features

We didn’t provided any new features in this release, instease we provided bug fix that was important. 

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Rating notification style in dashboard.

Rating notification style fixed, which used to be brake the style in the dashboard. With this update you won’t face this issue again. 

WP Onepager 26

Features and Functionalities

This is the initial release of Onepager pro. From this day, Onepager started its journey to let you create your website instantly and easily. 

WP Onepager 27


Most frequent questions and answers

No! There are no monthly fees with WPOnepager. You buy the software package (you get the WordPress theme & plugin versions included) and you can use these on as many sites as your chosen license package allows. Your purchase includes 1 year of support and updates.

After 1 year, there is an optional renewal if you want continued support and the latest updates. 

As you use WPOnepager on your WordPress sites hosted on your own servers, you have full control over your content. And don’t worry if you’re not familiar with WordPress, we have guides to help you get up and running fast

Of course you can create as many landing pages you want. There is no limit for creating landing page, onepage or sales page with WPOnepager.

WPOnepager has been designed as a complete tool for building your marketing websites and landing pages. Our page building system will help you create all the pages you need, our free WordPress theme can be used for building your blog.

Of course! Our friendly support team are available to help you through your issues. Our team are in chat and email to help get you up and running.

Built by a professional team

If you’ve been around the block very long, you know that there’s one big risk when buying a theme or plugin from a small, new company: they could go out of business and stop providing updates, which means your website would quickly go out-of-date.

We maintain a fiercely loyal following of customers for one reason: we provide unbeatable support with frequent update of our products to make sure your website load faster and work smoother. We are a team of WordPress experts working since 2010.

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