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Click, Convert, Conquer: #9 Best Lead Generation Plugins for WooCommerce

Using the right tools for lead generation in your online shop can help you reach customers faster and sell more products. With the help of the best lead generation plugins for WooCommerce, not only can you develop your business, but also be able to improve the outcome of your marketing methods. 

Considering the importance of lead generation in the success of online stores, most store managers focus on this strategy to attract potential customers.

In this post, we will introduce you to the best and most popular lead generation plugins for WooCommerce.

What is lead generation, and why is it important?

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers who are interested in your business and services. These customers have not already purchased any products from your site, but you can attract them by providing a communication channel on your site. By making these communication channels available, you can ask the users to do one of the following:

  • Submitting their email.
  • Fill out the contact form or send the inquiry form.
  • Contacting your company via live chat.
  • Contacting your sales team by phone

Lead generation is essential for all online businesses because it has a strong effect on converting potential customers into actual buyers.

The best lead generation plugins for WooCommerce 

There are many different ways for lead generation in online stores. However, with the help of the best lead generation plugins, you can better encourage visitors to submit their information on your website.

The WooCommerce plugins that we introduce below are the most popular tools for attracting the attention of visitors. Their unique features and advantages make encouraging users to interact with you much easier.

Thrivedesk Live Chat Plugin

Thrivedesk Live Chat Plugin

The ThriveDesk live chat plugin enables WooCommerce businesses to engage website visitors in real-time conversations and convert them into leads. It provides customizable chat widgets that can be strategically placed on high-value pages like product/service pages, blog posts, contact/FAQ pages etc. to initiate proactive chats.

When visitors land on these pages, chatbots can be leveraged to start meaningful conversations, answer common questions and then route suitable leads to human agents. The chatbot is configured to always ask for email info before providing any kind of service which helps create lead profiles.

ThriveDesk stores all chat transcripts, visitor data, lead profiles and analytics conveniently and sends the agent the transcript via email after a chat is closed. Businesses can set up workflows and email automation to send personalized messages to leads, driving more conversions.

ThriveDesk integrates natively with WordPress CRMs, email marketing and sales automation tools to seamlessly manage generated leads. With its AI-powered chatbots, customizable CTAs and integrations, ThriveDesk live chat can be a valuable lead generation addition to any WordPress site.

Free Gifts for WooCommerce Plugin

Free Gifts for WooCommerce Plugin

The free gifts for WooCommerce plugin by iThemelandco is a useful tool for adding free gift products to the customer’s cart with the possibility of creating different rules, including BOGO, buy x get y, subtotal amount, etc. This plugin allows you to offer giveaways to customers every time they purchase from your online store.

By getting help from this plugin, you can provide these gifts to your customers in various conditions to increase lead generation, for example:

  1. For a limited time, offer gifts to users who log in to your website.
  2. Add the free gift products automatically to the shopping cart of the customers who make their first purchase.
  3. Allow customers who have logged in on your site to choose their gift on the shopping cart page.
free gift products

One of the greatest features of this plugin is the ability to add the gift to the customer’s cart automatically. It is also possible to let the customer choose from the products you have specified on the cart page.

The simple user interface of this plugin, as well as a lot of customization options for offering free gifts to your customers, make it one of the best lead generation plugins for WooCommerce.

For example, you can set or limit the number of gifts for each user role or give special gifts based on the previous order amounts. It is also possible to give a gift to the customers when they login to your site, which, as a result, can increase your leads.

Advantages of Free Gifts for WooCommerce Plugin

  • Increase leads by offering free gift products to the new logged-in customers.
  • The ability to automatically add a gift to the customer’s cart.
  • The possibility of choosing a gift for the customer.
  • The possibility of defining any rules based on different promotion strategies.
  • Giving gifts to customers based on user role. 
  • Customize the maximum number of free gifts per order.

Gift offer is one of the popular methods of attracting leads from users. In this way, you can encourage customers to enjoy receiving the gift by submitting their email or filling out the registration form. 

Wpforms Plugin

Click, Convert, Conquer: #9 Best Lead Generation Plugins for WooCommerce 1

WPForms is the best contact form creator plugin, which is an ideal option for audience attraction and increasing lead generation in WordPress. This plugin allows you to integrate WordPress email marketing tools with a variety of forms, like registration forms.

WPForms has several add-ons that connect your forms to your preferred email marketing tools, such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and Drip.

With WPForms, you can grow your email list in two ways: either create a signup form specifically for building your email list or add an email signup checkbox to your regular contact forms. In this case, by enabling the checkbox, visitors are automatically added to the email list.

Elementor PopUp Builder Plugin

Elementor popup builder plugin

Elementor is a drag-and-drop popup builder, a theme builder, and a page builder altogether. The popup builder is integrated into WordPress, which means you can create popups for any WordPress page, even one that wasn’t created in Elementor. 

In addition, you can use all your content in WordPress and put them in pop-ups. This includes images, posts, WooCommerce products, ACF custom fields, and almost any other plugin.

Wpfront Notification Bar Plugin

Wpfront notification bar plugin

Notifications are a very effective way to convert visitors into loyal customers. By using them, you can be in constant contact with your users, and by sending correct and appropriate notifications, you can increase the number of visitors to your website.

The Wpfront notification bar displays various notifications on the user’s desktop or in the notification bars of their mobile devices, so visitors will receive your message by simply clicking on them.

Also, this plugin is very easy to use and has a very beautiful and user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to set how to display your notifications to the customers. The use of this plugin is essential for all business owners, and it can greatly help in increasing lead generation and customer growth.

Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter Plugin

With the Newsletter plugin, you can have unlimited subscribers on your email list and even send unlimited emails to your email marketing subscribers.

Using this plugin, you can easily send a special email to specific people on your list, so you can make your email marketing very professional to increase lead generation.

By installing and activating this plugin, you can simply enter the email list of your users and, in the next step, start sending emails with the email server to them.

Hustle Plugin

Hustle Plugin

Hustle is another email marketing WordPress plugin that you can use to design attractive pop-ups and place them in different sections of your site to collect email lists.

Special features of the Hustle plugin:

  • The ability to place subscription forms in any part of the site with shortcodes.
  • The possibility of full integration with email marketing services.
  • The ability to design professional pop-ups to collect email lists.
  • And many other facilities.

OneSignal Plugin

Onesignal plugin

Increasing user engagement and returning visitors to your website is one of the best ways of increasing leads and attracting customers. Some people visit your site for the first time and leave it without subscribing or buying anything. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

By using this plugin, your visitors can choose to receive push notifications when new content is published on the website. In this way, when people are not active on your site, and a new product is published, they will receive a notification and be aware of the new product. This will encourage them to return to your site and place their orders.

Tips for Effective Lead Generation with WooCommerce Plugins

You can easily use many different strategies on your site to get leads with the help of the plugins that we have introduced in this post. In the following, we introduce some common strategies that are most effective in increasing lead generation:

Online customer support on how to use the product

One of the most effective ways to increase lead generation is to answer customer questions about the products. You can communicate directly with customers with the help of the ThriveDesk Live Chat plugin and explain how to install and use your products by making a video call.

Encouraging customers to send emails with pop-up notifications

One of the uses of pop-up notifications is to encourage users to send their emails in exchange for using one of your services or products for free. For example, if you have a website selling e-books, you can display a pop-up notification to customers when they visit your site and ask them to submit their email address to receive a link to download one of your e-books for free.

Getting leads through a survey form

With the help of various forms such as surveys, contests, contact forms, etc., you can obtain a lot of information from users and increase lead generation. For example, with the help of the Wpforms plugin, you can design an attractive survey form and offer visitors that if they participate in the survey, they will receive a discount from you for purchasing the product.

Free gift offer to users who have registered on the site

Online users usually need to be persuaded in different ways in order to do something for you. One of the best ways to encourage customers to take action, such as registering on the site, is to offer a free gift. For example, with the help of the Free gift for WooCommerce plugin, you can offer a free gift to the users who log in to your site to increase lead generation.


We believe that you need several different plugins to have a strong lead-generation strategy for your online store. You can make lead generation easier with the help of plugins that we introduced in this post, especially free gifts for WooCommerce and WooCommerce product table plugins. Remember that the more leads you have, the more products you can sell.

We hope this post will help you use the best plugins and tools you need to increase leads on your WordPress website.

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